Friday, August 29, 2008

The Perfect Park Day

Carson's first time swinging. He could have cared less, but I was so proud. My baby is growing up so fast. Trev and Brady are his biggest fans. Watch out Ellie, you're too cute. One of these days I'm going to steal you.


Lisa Janda said...

How fun, wish I was there!!! The link to the recipe blog is, I've made the buttermilk pancakes three times this week and add frozen blueberries, my kids LOVE them.

Leandra said...

omg I LOVE that last pic of Cars! he is seriously sooo cute every time I see his pic I wanna squishhhh him! :-)

ashlee said...

Oh I love that pic of Carson in the swing! You could have cropped me out of that one pic though... !! I loved visiting with you today and Ellie had a blast... she especially loved that the boys let her get in the water and I wasn't there to make her get out right away! Let's do it again soon!