Monday, September 22, 2008

Buddy Walk

The buddy walk is a fundraiser to earn money for down syndrome kids. It was fun going with our friends. Carson is our pride and joy. It's amazing how many people's life he has touched. I look forward to learning more from him. He is my everything. His brother's are such a support to him, and love him more than life. Were glad we were blessed to have him. We love you Carson.


Duncahoo said...

That is so great, I would of loved to come had I known. I can't believe how big he is already.

*WEST'S* said...

What a great event that is!! He is too CUTE! He is getiing so big..

Becca said...

Seriously so "FREEKIN CUTE"! Good to hear you guys are doing that. I think it will be a great thing for all of you! I remember that as a kid!

ashlee said...

So glad we could participate with you! We love little peanut. He is so special and such a blessing to everyone he is around. You are the luckiest parents to have such a special spirit in your family.

thescotts said...

That is wonderful! He is abusolutely the most beautiful little man! I want to meet him. What a great event.
We need to get together. I was with Cindy last week. It made me miss you so much!
Love, Kel

thescotts said...

Hey! I can get together pretty much any time. My husband works out of state a lot so it is usually just me and the kids. Cindy is doing really good. It was really fun to sit and chat with her. She lives by my sister, so we get together once in a while.
Let's try and get together next week. I am free all days.