Monday, September 29, 2008

Greatest Grandpa

Saturday was the greatest day Grandpa felt good enough to come out and play. It's a day I will always treasure in my heart. Chuck recited some of his favorite poems. That day was perfect. I hope one day I can tell Carson what a great grandpa and an amazing man you were. I know you will keep an eye on us. It's hard to say goodbye and I don't want to. You have been the greatest father to me. It's hard to measure up to mine and you definitely do. I love you.


ashlee said...

What a great day... one you will cherish forever. So glad you have pic's to keep the memories alive!

thescotts said...

What an amazing day. How special for you and your family.
I can get together Thursday. What about you? Today and tomorrow we are potty training hard core! Ele was doing so good until I had the baby and then she regressed. So now I am back to the beginning. We are staying home all day and she is NAKED! That is the only way she will go on the potty if nothing is touching her bum.
Call me and we can plan where we can get together
687-6394 - Kel

Amy said...

It's so sad for me to see Chuck that way. Landon's mom just passed away from colon cancer. It was so sad to watch her slowly die. Our prayers are with you all!

Marriott + Ali said...

ooohhh..I'm totally getting choked up reading this. He truly is an amazing man and will be missed by so many. It has been so hard to see him go down so fast. These pictures are priceless though.

Heather said...

I did not even know you had a blog!! I am so glad I can spy on your family now that I never see anyone anymore : ) its my only connection to the outside world : )

Lisa said...

What a special day, I'm glad you got photos with it.

I finally posted a new post, talk to you soon. Love you and miss you tonz